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We’re back with a more typical show than last time, babbling about recent concerts (Dessa, The Who, Bob Mould, Frank Turner), some recent books we’ve loved, our crazy-ass dogs (well, one of them) and assorted other stuff. We also play some music that’s been rocking our worlds on the rare occasion we aren’t listening to […]

More geeking out over Frank Turner, The Fratellis and Ryan Adams. Direct download of the podcast: Dyslexic Heart 10/10/15 (55:05 min, 50.6 MB) or subscribe.

This show is mostly about new music we love from three acts—The Struts, The Fratellis and Frank Turner. Direct download of the podcast: Dyslexic Heart 8/22/15 (57:34 min, 52.8 MB) or subscribe.

Welcome to our two-hour Independence Day 2015 ramblefest. We talked about Apple Music, Maximus the Boxer Dog, the Twins, a bunch of bands, a couple comics and the weirdness of life online in 2015. As always, we spun a bunch of songs rocking our world, got sidetracked and had a few cocktails… all in the […]

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