One thought on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #18

  1. Great show. Highly entertaining. Re the VIP packages / bands trying to make a buck thing….I don’t understand, why would fans begrudge this for bands they like? If you want the extra perks, pony up the dough. If you don’t, shut up about it.

    We did this for the first time back in February at a Walk off the Earth show in Atlanta. Was a birthday present for Raya — VIP tickets weren’t cheap. But it got us in to the venue early (no standing outside in line, in the cold rain), got us some WOTE freebies, got us into the performance space early (GA of course) and then, most importantly, got us a meet and greet with the band after the show. Raya even got to complete her t-shirt with the band members’ signatures she didn’t get when they came to Birmingham.

    There were some even higher-priced packages that (no kidding) allowed people to come up on stage for the final song. We didn’t splurge that far.

    Loved the beer-fueled nonsense. Again I say, great show.

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