Dyslexic Heart Podcast #20

We unexpectedly found ourselves reliving the early and mid 1990s tonight, geeking out over alternapop, including Matthew Sweet, Juliana Hatfield, Soul Coughing, Soul Asylum, Belly, James, Jesus and Mary Chain and a bunch of others. We also reminisced about many things we barely remember. And we drank, but that’s sort of what we do during this show, so… Enjoy, bitches.

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2 thoughts on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #20

  1. I like James. I agree with you about REM but I think the same sentiment could apply to Neil as far as depth is concerned.
    What a great question as far as when did a band or artist hit their peak. It made me think of my favorites and when I felt like they peaked. It’s actually easy to pinpoint the time if you think about it for a minute.
    Of course I am writing this wondering if you will remember the references I am making about the show.
    I dig you guys.

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