13 thoughts on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #2

  1. Love the ramblings! To give credit where credit is due, you recited the lyrics of “Eye of the Beholder”, which is a Metallica song on “And Justice for All”.

  2. I had a choice this morning whether to listen to 5HBM #219 or DH #2 on the way into work.

    Went with DH 2 and wasn’t disappointed – that stand up had me veering across 3 lanes of traffic in the car – laughing (not trying to kill myself).

    Well done Tim for sharing that. Glad to see 17 year olds the world over are angst ridden

    Stock, Aitken & Waterman dominated the UK charts in the 1980s – fuckin grim times.

    SAW produced some real shite – the Reynold Girls for example:

    This is the song that “apparently” started the downfall of stock aitken and waterman


  3. Oh man… I love that in 1989 I was so impressed by Metallica’s lyrics that I scrawled them in my notebook and 20 years later I was so underwhelmed by them that I assumed it was something I wrote.

  4. I remember seeing seeing something like Robbie Rubber in the ads in the back pages of Rolling Stone. The tee said “Wrap That Rascal!”

    Anyway, the message I was trying to leave on the FHBM line, but couldn’t get the wording remotely right, was that Costello was briefly considered a punk for two reasons of association.

    1) Anybody that was coming from England at the time and playing short, simple songs had the punk/new wave tag thrown on the. It helped if the songs were aggressive and you didn’t really look like a traditional rock star. Tom Petty’s first few singles broke in England before America, and even he was lumped in there.

    2) Costello’s was signed to Stiff Records, one of the indie labels that rose up at the beginning of the punk movement, and had The Damned and The Adverts. Stiff’s house producer was Nick Lowe, who had been in Brinsley Schwarz, a popular pub rock band. Pub rock had a very strong influence on punk. Costello and two of the Attractions were previously been in pub rock bands, as had St. Joe Strummer.

  5. Click the word “subscribe” above to get the feed address, which can be plugged into iTunes to subscribe. I haven’t added the show to the iTunes podcast directory yet.

  6. Ok, I’ve listened to DH #1 & 2. Gotta say that the booze infused #1 was more enjoyable. Why? Its all about Michele. From the tangents, to the excited talking over Tim to make her point, it is a trip. You can see the ocassional flash of this when FHBM is recorded on a Saturday (i.e. cocktails in hand), but even then, Tim, reels Michele back in to stick to the show notes.

    So, my vote is to do contine with DH, but be shit hammered.

    Also, amazed at the eclectic musical taste: Tom Waits to Debbie fucking Gibson? Wow, that’s some crazy shit.

  7. Tim-you bared your fucking soul with the standup. I am a hardcore standup geek myself (started with early Cosby & Rock’s “Born Suspect”). A little younger than you are and grew up without HBO.

    You definitely interrupt Michele more on DH. I did like episode #2 better, though. This is the podcast I had always hoped you guys would add. It has been 2 years since Laura and I met you guys in Vegas. I hope to catch you guys again sometime. I definitely can’t wait for more DH.

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