Dyslexic Heart Podcast #4

We’re back with the long-awaited fourth show. This time around, we play tons of music and talk about licking Joe Mauer, Michele’s interest in Joan Holloway, Tim’s interest in Alison Brie, the joys of pie and bacon ranch dressing (not together), Town Talk Diner and a bunch of other random stuff.

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6 thoughts on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #4

  1. Loved the podcast. Lots of great music to download! Michelle, if you love Poker Face, check out Cartman from South Park singing it. Here’s the site with 2 clips, funny as hell: http://www.southparkstudios.com/search/?search=poker face&x=0&y=0

    I also wanted to mention a group called the Movits! They’re Swedish and I saw them on The Colbert Report. It’s swing music mixed with hip hop, sung in Swedish. The single “Fel del av gården” is what sold me. Maybe you guys would like it.

    Also, the new Dean Martin Christmas CD “My Kind of Christmas” has a version of Winter Wonderland (The Swingin’ Yuletide Mix) that I really love. It will be a new Christmas standard in my home.

    Thanks again for all the great music and happy belated Thanksgiving.

  2. So let me get this straight, in this episode Tim comes out the closet, and Michele announces she likes some guy’s thighs?

  3. Hi Guys,

    First off, let me tell you that I am not on Facebook and I do not follow Twitter. Remember when Podcasts were that new and hip?

    I am just writing to confirm to you that you do have fans of the Dyslexic Heart Podcast. I have listened to them all (and don’t forget you still have folks that followed you way back when you were in the basement and the other podcast was brand new, Tim!). Wow, almost 5 years.

    Anyways. So when Alison Brie let her hair down and leaned down over Joel McHale on that recent episode of Community, I was watching the episode with Laura and I shouted “FINALLY!”. It was awesome. When I was listening to the podcast today on my drive home and you pointed out that moment I shouted “Exactly!”. That moment nailed everything I like about that show.

    So, Michelle, this is kind of a “duh” moment, but when you were talking about shows, like Community, where you want to hang out with the characters every week, you were like holding a mirror up to you and Tim (though I understand these are not just characters you play 😉 ). You guys are unapologetic for what you enjoy doing and listening to. I like to hang with you guys every Monday morning on the way to work and today I hung out with you guys this evening on my drive home and while I cleaned the kitchen. So it is like I am not home alone.

    Laura is in Boston and I am in San Francisco, but we are meeting in Vegas tomorrow night. She is running the 1/2 marathon of the Rock and Roll marathon on Sunday. My best friend is meeting us there with his girlfriend. He and I have tickets to Saturday night’s Peepshow (BTW bought from Best of Vegas). Staying 3 nights at Encore, so looking forward to it. I may call in at some point. Tim, when you are drunk off your ass in Vegas trying to get some cash from the cage, do you have to ask: “Will you take an out- of-state two party bad check?”

    I also followed Pearl Jam through Vitalogy then didn’t pick them back up until the last album. I am also quite enjoying Backspacer when I need some energy.

    So ya. I am glad you like making the Dyslexic Heart podcasts. #4 rocks and if it is fun for you should know that people enjoy it.

    So anyways, I hope to catch you guys in Vegas eventually. Perhaps next year at Podcastapalooza. Keep it real.

  4. Jav:

    Today was one of the worst days I’ve ever had at work… absolutely brutal. Your comment couldn’t have been better timed. I’m been feeling a little bruised and beaten down, and your comment was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I’m sure our paths will cross in Vegas again.



  5. Jav is of course 100% correct with his observation about people you want to hang out with.

    I hadn’t thought about it before but every week it is like hanging out with like minded friends talking about stuff you love. I think this is why some people get upset when the 5HBM misses a week – they feel like they have been stood up!

    Thanks again for all you two do!

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