12 thoughts on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #5

  1. Your playing all that sappy Christmas music and then go on to disrespect Clapton. Read this quote and rethink your soul-less comment.

    On 6 September 1968, during a ride from Surrey into London, Harrison asked Eric Clapton to add a lead guitar solo to the song. Clapton was reluctant—he said, “Nobody ever plays on the Beatles’ records”—but Harrison convinced him and Clapton’s solo was recorded that evening.[6] Harrison later said that in addition to his solo, Clapton’s presence had another effect on the band: “It made them all try a bit harder; they were all on their best behaviour

  2. Wow, this was my favorite Dyslexic Heart podcast ever.

    Some random opinions; YMMV:

    1) Alcohol (at least, I’m presuming alcohol was involved) plus Tim queueing up a new song seems to give Michele ADD. It was amusing to hear her train of thought derailed every time a new song started up.

    2) The Waitresses still do the definitive copy of “Christmas Wrapping” in my estimation. I do love me some Spice Girls, but their presentation of this song is all wrong — too upbeat and unemotional as opposed to the vulnerability that the Waitresses give it. And the Spice Girls changed the lyrics of somebody else’s signature Christmas song, which almost never works.

    3) I love the Garmin ads! Their new lyrics to “Carol of the Bells” crack me up, especially the latest one with the scary clown in the roundabout. And who can forget the “got a unibrow” lyric from years past? Classic stuff. Michele was right on with the Lexus “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” criticism though.

    4) I know this wasn’t a show about novelty Christmas songs, but give me Jonathan Coulton’s “Chiron Beta Prime” over Fountains of Wayne’s “Alien for Christmas” any day. Giant metal Santas with glowing red eyes, people!

    5) I was a little disappointed not to hear my favorite sad Christmas song played during the sad songs segment but then you went and played it as the last song of the podcast. (No spoilers here). Nicely done!

    The holiday theme made this episode especially interesting and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition!

  3. Oh so many thoughts on this great show … but they are all in a drunken jumble in my mind.

    Ok firstly, I lay down a challenge. Can you come up with an Easter themed playlist. At the moment can not think of a single song that would go in it.

    Isn’t Canada a part of America ?

    Its a Christmas Miracle ( nearly ). T&M nearly liking a song that features Matt Goss ( ok, he was in the inferior 1989 version of Do they know its Christmas, but figures it will be as close as we will get. Heck he even sings the ‘thanks god its it’s them instead of you’ line ).

    Half way through the podcast now, and still no sign of The Pogues ? That is the one song I have to hear every year.

    Matt Dusk Christmas album ( which is always on in the car this time of year ). Cool Yule …how homo erotic are the lyrics to that song ? ‘You are going to flip when old St Nick takes a lick of the peperment stick’ ??? etc.

    And yes, I do know Canada is not part of America. Just joshing.

  4. In my mind, the 1989 and and 2004 versions of Do They Know It’s Christmas don’t exist. Neither do the movies Caddyshack 2 and The Godfather III.

    It’s just easier for me to live my life by blocking out certain things.

    I’ll get started on that Easter playlist right after I finish the one dedicated to Arbor Day.

  5. Given Michele’s treatment of Canada during this podcast, I expect to hear South Park’s “Blame Canada” on an upcoming episode.

  6. you guys are pathetic……the clapton comments alone show your arrogant ignorance. find a new hobby this podcasting is sad. either that or see if you can find someone to put you on SNL along with Pete Sweaty…..about as damn ridiculous.

  7. I on the other hand do respect your passion for music and unlike BH do not think you are pathetic. Their are four of us in my family, my wife (alternative music fan), 21 year old son and 20 year daughter (both in to music). So debating music in our house is always a jovial jousting match. So, please don’t take my comment as nothing more than a playful “you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about”

    Peace, Rick

  8. No disrespect taken, Ricky. Stick around. We have dozens of opinions that will reassure you that we don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about.


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