3 thoughts on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #7

  1. Tim, congrats on the tat. I have no ink, but we did include several lines from “Stay Positive” in our wedding vows in 2008 (in Vegas, of course). It’s a lasting symbol, and a lasting ideology. Wasn’t initially happy with the new Hold Steady album, but the appearances on Letterman and Furguson were very strong. Thanks for the Gaslight Anthem preview, a band I heard first about from this podcast last year. Isn’t there a double bill with these to bands in the midwest this summer? Hope the re-record of FHBM comes out OK — BTW, my wife has long ago banned me from saying “Get that poison out of your system”, so thanks for that quote a few weeks back on Hundy. She HATED it. Awesome.

  2. Just got around to listening to this and cannot believe you missed the obvious choice for your next tat – Matt Goss’ face on your bicep

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