Dyslexic Heart Podcast #8

Dyslexic Heart is not dead. We’ve just been thinking about what to talk about for the past three months. This time around, we talk about the Lady GaGa, Kiss, South Dakota, high school reunions and hoarding while talking over some of our current favorite songs.

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3 thoughts on “Dyslexic Heart Podcast #8

  1. This was the first episode that I have listened to. Being a “5Hundy” fan I thought I would give it a listen and I really enjoyed it.
    I liked alot of the music you played and would like to try and find some of it on itunes for myself. Would it be possible to have you post a listing of the artists and the songs played?
    Thanks for an entertaining ride to work this morning!

  2. About Alanis, if you watch How I Met Your Mother the Robin Sparkles music career is essentially Alanis’s pre-Jagged Little Pill career. I don’t know if the writers intended it that way or not, but the similarities are pretty obvious.

    As well, one of Alanis’s videos from this phase starred a pre-Friends Matt Leblanc:


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